Call of Duty 1.1, reimagined!

CoDExtended is a client & server sided patch for CoD 1.1 with bunch of new features & bugfixes. Get it today!

Download client


HTTP Download

Support for blazing fast mod downloads with fixed fs_game.


Measurements against known hacks of any kind.


Get live screenshots of players to find cheaters & glitchers.

Discord RPC

Your Discord status now shows the live info when you're playing!


New masterserver is being used if official one is down.

New UI elements

Fancy connect screen, scoreboard and FPS counter (optional).


Various bugs have been fixed, and hopefully none created. ;)

OTA Updates

New updates are installed whenever you launch the game.


Windows Client
  • Requires Call of Duty 1.1 patch
  • Extract ZIP into CoD directory
Issues installing?
  • Redownload the patch
  • Disable antivirus